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Bamboo Screens

Bamboo, "king of the grasses", generally is associated with Chinese and Japanese culture and decor and is symbolic in both China and Japan for peace, security and prosperity, and strength against high winds. By association this leads into bamboo standing for integrity and exemplary moral courage.

Bamboo floor screens are unique in that they combine the characteristics of the natural bamboo, strength, and a certain asian, tropical decor style.

Bamboo room screens can be used in your living room or patio, as dividers or to separate areas. Try these great retailers of bamboo screens: Stacks and Stacks and Home Decorators .

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Bamboo Floor & Room Dividers

Bamboo Frame Room DividerBamboo Shoots Room DividerBamboo Floor Screen -Set of 2
Bamboo Frame Room Divider
Bamboo Shoots Room Divider
Bamboo Floor Screen -Set of 2

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