How to Make Wood Panel Folding Screens

How to Make Wood Panel Folding Screens

Wood panel screens are relatively easy to make provided we don't set our sights too high.

A good start is to have a lumberyard or carpenter make you up 5 1 x 12 inch stock boards, pine is probably the best choice here. Have them cut to your preferred length but it is well to keep in mind that even pine is heavy and therefore a shortish screen of perhaps 3 or 4 feet high is best.

Now sand the wood, prime it, and sand lightly again. Painting options are an area for decorative affects, you might use a number of different colours, alternating them between each panel of your folding screen. Otherwise a clean, standard appearance can be achieved by using the same colour.

The wood boards of diy folding screens should be joined with ¾ inch double action hinges from top to bottom. Rubber balls should be affixed to the bottom of each board to act as feet, enabling your screen to be movable as well as protecting floors from scratching.

Note on Hinges

Double-action hinges fold in both directions to make your handmade screen more flexible, but if you use large, heavy wood it is advisable to link the panels with single-action hinges only to ensure stability.

Restoring Old Folding Screens

Be on the lookout for any old, beaten up screens at flea markets and garage sales, etc. Once you've got hold of one it may be necessary to replace any fabric panels, apply a fresh coat of paint, or cover flat panels with maps, wallpaper or sheet cork, turning your screen divider into a bulletin board.

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