Decorating with Room Dividers

Decorating with Floor Screens & Dividers

Some decorating tips and ideas for using floor screens and room dividers effectively in your home.

Artful Entryways

Use screens at the entrance to walk in rooms to create the illusion of an entryway point. To highlight the effect use different colours and fabrics on the panels, alternating one fabric with another taking care to ensure colours coordinate.

Interior Architecture

Naturally dull rooms can benefit from floor screens with raised panels. To achieve this effect four hollowed out doors are needed and then joined together using double action hinges. Paint the panels with a white primary coat, allow drying, and then paint over the white with latex in the colour of your preference. Before the coloured paint has dried wipe over with a cheesecloth while leaving enough paint to highlight the grain.

Tropical or Country?

Use shutters for panels. For example hinge together three shutters of differing heights, and finish the louvered panels naturally for a tropical feel, or with paint for country style. Make sure to wiggle the louvers to prevent them drying in a fixed position.

Wallpaper Decoration

Enable your floor screen to bend either way by using three hinged together, with double acting hinges, hollow core doors. Cover the doors with craft wallpaper, with vertical stripes topped by a border and a horizontal wider border at top.

The effect of covering floor screens and partitions with wallpaper is similar to gift wrapping them at the corners, that is, be sure to cover the front of each of the panels first. It is advisable to use vinyl to vinyl glue in order to layer the wall paper. Apply the wallpaper to doors that have sanded and primed already.

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