Room Dividing Ideas, Indoor Dividing Screens

Room Dividing Ideas, Indoor Dividing Screens

There's no more inventive and useful item of furniture to create a sense of privacy, decoratively mark off areas of room, or conceal black spots, than humble but stylish dividing screens whether folding or otherwise. Room dividing screens have ancient roots, having been invented in China about 2 thousand years ago while continuing to enliven the homes of modern day decorators.

Perhaps the chief advantage of folding screens is the freedom they give us to alter the layout and appearance of rooms temporarily and at whim. Below Room Dividers provides some ideas that may be of use for the home decor stylist.

Dividing Design Ideas

Creative Indoor Spaces

Create warm, inviting reading spaces by placing screens next to armchairs or rocking chairs.

Work at home? Any part of bedrooms or living rooms can be transformed into a home office set up with dividing screens.

Decorative Deception

Setting screens in front of bookcases, shelves, book or music collections will protect them from the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

Hide home electronics equipment such as stereos and tvs with folding screen dividers when they are not being used. Even better conceal the ugly tangle of computer cords, printers, and other home office items with dividing screens. When you need access to the plugs your folding screen is easily moveable.

In the cold northern winters, wet and muddy boots make their unsightly appearance in entryways and hallways. Conversely in summer it's beach towels and sports gear. Placing dividing screens in a corner of your entryway can take care of the problem or at least push it out of sight!

While renovating use divider screens to restrict the view of guests.

Beds without headboards may look out of place, simply place a dividing furniture piece behind your bed.

Privacy Concerns

Demarcate areas that are off limits, without undue forcefulness, during parties at home.

Allow for some privacy, in style, from the outside world by covering the bottom part of windows with screens in imitation of restaurant or cafe decor. The beauty of this method is that screens let in light through the top of the window.

The World At Bay

Often the view out of windows from the lower half is unsightly, busy traffic roaring along, overflowing rubbish bins, garish signs, etc. Placing screens in the way of these things while still allowing views of the sky or tree tops makes an ideal use.

Outdoor Artifice

On the patio, porch, by the pool, or on apartment terraces screens can conjure up the notion of being in a secluded, special, romantic area. Candlelit dinners outdoors no longer need be put into temporary darkness by the wind while your folding screen blocks it.

Freedom To Move

In summary screens give us the freedom to make changes on the spot, try out things, and then rearrange again. They are works of art, adding colour and innovative decoration to rooms, and are foldable and portable enabling them to be stored away for another day.

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