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Room Dividers Screens & Partitions

Something to hide? Room divider screens or screen dividers, some of the most useful and versatile items of furniture in the home, are ideal decorative accents as well as having practical value to screen parts of rooms that are best left unseen.

Alternatively floor screens, partitions, and separators can also be used to, well, divide a room when no wall or other screening or dividing object is in place.

The possibilities of room dividers screens are endless from adding drama to the home, to marking off special spaces, to disguising the unsightly.

Please review our catalog of room dividers to find ideas to decorate your living room or other space and consider whether buying one of these dividers will enliven your home.

The catalogs are ordered in a particular way,
by style: floor screens,
by materials: room divider screens,
and by general or miscellaneous type: screen dividers.


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